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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my picnic be held?

Almost anywhere you want! Many clients choose to have their picnic right in their backyard, but the Twin Cities boasts many beautiful picnic spots.  Should you choose to picnic in the park, please respect park and city rules.  We do ask that you choose a spot with nearby parking as we need to carry all of our supplies in.

Minneapolis Park Rules

St. Paul Park Rules

What if it rains?

Inclement weather happens.  We have several options available!

Move the party inside. We can create an intimate picnic right in your living or dining room!

Reschedule.  We offer three complimentary reschedules per booking.  This must be requested before 9am on the day of your scheduled picnic. If you have added a la carte food, reschedule must be requested no less than 24hrs before your scheduled picnic so we can alert our vendors.

Upgrade to our bubble tent!* Tents are waterproof and give a cozy cover while you picnic to the soothing sounds of rain falling around you. We also offer a 10' white awning to protect you from light rain.

*Where permitted

Do you offer gluten-free and vegetarian options?

Yes. If you are ordering food from our a la carte menu, please indicate that you would like GF or vegetarian when booking. We also try our best to accommodate special dietary requests on a case-by-case basis so please ask!

How many guests can you currently accomodate?

We can fully seat up to 50 guests at this time. We also have alternative options for larger groups.

Which areas do you service?

Our standard service includes locations within a 15-mile radius of downtown Minneapolis.  We offer extended service for an additional travel fee.

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